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Parenting can feel like a battle at times. There’s nothing quite as rewarding and challenging as being responsible for raising these amazing gifts God has given us called children. In the battle of fighting for the heart of our kids and helping them through the maze of life, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and forget all the “assets” (my military friends call these weapons) we have as parents.

Trust me, God has equipped you and called you for this adventure and specifically given you that child you are raising. It’s no accident you’re a parent no matter how you came to be a parent.

This morning, as I was getting ready to head off to a morning meeting, I was reminded of one of our greatest assets as parents. In the quiet of our home in the morning, I was reminded that our greatest resource is the gift of a new day.

As a parent, each new day is a blank canvas given to us by God to start over. This is even more real in the mind of a child but because we are “old” and have become adults we have forgotten the power of a new day. For your child, each new day is a wide open adventure. Children rarely hang on to the regret of the past that we as adults embrace all too frequently.

No matter what went down yesterday, today is a new start.

This has huge implications for us as parents. As we start every new day we have to decide that the mistakes we made yesterday as a parent can’t shape the way we parent today. With a child like heart, we have to embrace the opportunity of a fresh start. A new day fuels hope that things can be different and that you can be a better parent today.

Every new day is a gift from God for you as a parent to lead, love, and serve your kids. That’s your greatest weapon. Go out and make the most of it today!