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There is a huge difference between launching a church with a family ministry model and transitioning a church toward that same model. Transitioning a church in a new direction can be filled with many many obstacles and many times those obstacles keep leaders from making the move. There are many leaders out there who want to move their ministries in a direction that partners more with families but they are just not sure where to start because it seems a little overwhelming. What we often forget is that partnering with families is not a program, or an event, but rather a strategy that weaves in and out of all we do as next generation leaders.

Having made the journey before I wanted to share a few moves to make when you are ready to reshape your ministry to be more effective when empowering mom and dad at home…

  1. Pray, Learn, & Dream // it’s so critical to not rush into this model because it’s hard work. You need to explore the different views of family ministry. Your need to decide what you believe. You need to cover this process with prayer allowing God to shape this calling.
  2. Partner with Other Ministry Leaders on your Staff // effective family ministry happens when next gen leaders collaborate and work together. Build a partnering relationship with every level of next gen ministry.
  3. Bring Senior Leadership On Board // when you know what God is calling you to do being your senior leadership on board and allow them to speak into the process. They have to be on board for lasting impact.
  4. Network & Ask Questions // get to conferences, visit other churches, use social media, and connect with other family ministry experts and learn!
  5. Evaluate Resources // make sure you are partners with the right curriculum and strategy partners to provide next level resources for your parents and the kids / teens you serve! Also evaluate your budget and time usage to see where your team is focused.
  6. Train Volunteers & Staff // this takes time…more time than we all like to admit. Seven years in and we are still working on this with volunteers. Be patient and create systems that keep volunteers and staff up to speed!
  7. Set Yearly Goals // you can’t do everything you want to do this year so why not set yearly goals to help you focus!
  8. Build on Every Win // make sure and get some early wins under your belt and then build on that success.
  9. Evaluate and Be Flexible // you will have to continually adjust and change to partner effectively with families.
  10. Listen to Parents // make sure and ask the people you are trying to partner with how you can get better.
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