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Thursday Kelyn had a fever and we decided to hit the doctor, we hate going to the doctor but we give every once in a while. we found out that our family was facing its first ear infection for one of our kids. We made it through almost 4 years of Kozbi’s life without an ear infection! It was our time but man it has been a hard run. Kelyn has been waking up in the middle of the night and staying up for 2 hours, she has not been napping good, and all the other stuff that comes with a sick little girl. She is a trooper and did well. Her fever broker Sunday and she has had such a good day. Today I had 2 moments with my girls that I will cherish. Kelyn slept in her crib this afternoon for about an hour and then woke up! She was still tired so I sat in the chair and rocked her to sleep and then fell asleep with her there in the rocking chair. I was out with her for about another hour. YEA for us…then after a long afternoon of playing outside Koz crawled up in my lap tonight and watched the Nascar race fro Vegas. I know this is a little redneck but it was sweet to hear her ask about all the cars and why they were going so fast. We even got to see the McDonald’s car crash! Overall the afternoon was priceless.

Oh yea – Tennessee 5 seed and Vandy 6 seed – YEA! I have UT going to the sweet 16!