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TSM was were blessed to take 11 seniors down to Passion07 and Brandon and I went along for the journey. Beyond all of the lights and the big session stuff what amazed me this year was the heart of students to make a difference in the world NOW. As a conference, High School students, College Students, leaders and ministries pledged and gave over 700,000 dollars to do ministry around the world in the name of Jesus. Simply amazing…Transformed Student Ministry pledged to take on a project with One Verse in translating the Bible for a people group in Indonesia and dig a well in Africa through the Blood:water team…we are not sure how we are gonna get the cash but God does and our kids will pray and give. it will be amazing to see how God does uses this for His glory! Every senior that went experienced God in a powerful way – they moved beyond worshipping the event and focused on Jesus.God was faithful. With that said – I am thrilled to be home with my girls. Let me see if I can recap some thoughts from the week…

1. Jesus – Jesus was the main deal, Jesus was lifted up, Jesus was honored! it was so good to see our savior pushed to the front through the book of Colossians and the community group study.
2. Steve Fee – saw Steve in his late night, bought his new CD – let me simply say amazing. We were blown away!
3. John Piper of dealing with sexual failure (it comes to all of us) was amazing. Go buy it from Passion asap! His breakout on risk was also so powerful – Risking it all for God, amazing.
4. This generation will help the church in America move back to being salt and light in the darkness. There is hope, amazing God size hope!
5. Praying for the Global effort in 2008! Can not wait to see what God does around the world. I would love to go overseas and volunteer at one of them. We will see what God does with that!

Spending the last 4 days with our college students and seniors was incredible but being in the middle of 24,000 God followers and getting a glimpse of His Greatness was better.

Go GOD! you are the Glorious One!