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It was like 80 degrees today so I came home as quick as I could, totally did not go to a association meeting, ate dinner with the girls, pushed them both on the swings, THEN with tons of daylight Kozbi and I went to wash my truck for the first time by hand this spring. I am addicted to washing my vehicles, I can not understand not doing it. I love turning the music up and getting the hose out and washing my truck. Right now I have to apologize to all of Virginia for having to look at my truck. It was amazingly dirty. It was caked with a thick coat of grime and the inside looked like a tornado hit it. With Kozbi’s help we got both inside and outside clean. Man I feel like a new man with a clean truck. There is something about a clean vehicle that makes me smile. Now if I can get my office to look like that I will be ok.

Props to UT, Vandy and Memphis for playing hard in the sweet 16. We came up a few points short but let me say for the final time that there were three teams in the sweet 16 from TN and none from the Commonwealth of Kentucky or Virginia.

It was great to see all our teens back at Going Public at {regroup} this past wed. Hope to see a ton more this week and next! My mom comes to Va this weekend – SOOOO Weeemoma is here!