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Ok, I am not selling houses! My good friend Daniel Doss served on staff here at Grace Community for the past 3 years and now is helping to launch a new church in Valpo right outside of Chicago. The bottom line is they are trying to sell their place here in Clarksville. I know how they are feeling! Waiting for a house to sale is not much fun. Grace Community folks…lets work to spread the word about Daniel and Emily’s house. You may know someone that is looking. Spread the word. I am excited for Daniel and Emily as they move into this new adventure in Valpo. You can check out the Grace Point website clicking the GP link.

If you want me to try to sale your house on my blog it will only cost you 1.9 million dollars. We can sign the deal today! CALL ME! PLEASE!

Daniel and Emily, all of us here at GCC love ya!