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This is our last week here on staff and First Norfolk and it has been filled with nervous energy and mixed emotions. I am thrilled with what God has planned at Grace Community but it is so difficult to tell kids and leaders you love goodbye. We leave a group of students we have lead and loved for almost three years. We have seen a group of freshman to graduation this year. We have been able to see many teens come to Christ. It has been amazing and now God has a new path for us at Grace Community. It was an incredible time Wed. night at our last Going Public.

2 other things came up this week. We had our first double look at our house that is for sale here in Chesapeake. They came once yesterday and then came back again for a second look. We hope we see an offer soon. We so want this house to sell but we are waiting for God to do His thing on this one.

The other surprise Thursday was getting a call that Brandon Reed was in the hospital. He ended up having his appendix taken out yesterday and the doctors took some sweet pictures of his “innards” is that a word? The surgery went well and it was cool to be able to make B laugh a little before he got cut on. We can make any situation not seem so serious, we have a gift for taking what is serious and making some sick joke. God was good and brought him through all of it. I had the most important things ready for B when he came out of surgery, his laptop, ipod, some books, cell phone charger, and gum of course. The nurse got him a Mountain dew after surgery – that was sweet. I want that nurse when my appendix explodes!

On a serious note my heart goes out to the students and teachers at VA Tech. We know several students there and God protected them during the shootings. I pray God will use Christ followers all over the campus to bring light to a dark situation. In the midst of pain Jesus is there ready to bring hope. We are praying for the folks at Va Tech!