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WOW I finally get to blog about this journey. God has led Chelsea and I to move our family back to Tennessee and partner in ministry with Grace Community Church as their Director of Family Ministries. Man it feels good to express what God has been doing in my life. Grace Community is in Clarksville and is a church my best friends planted about a year and a half ago. It has grown from a group of about 20 folks to over 800 attending, meeting in a local High School. It has been a long journey to get to this point but there is no doubt God has been in this all along the way. He blessed me with the chance to do ministry with some of the most incredible people here at First Norfolk for almost three years and now He is taking my family on a new adventure in an environment that I feel at home in.

It is hard to explain what God is doing in our lives right now but Sunday as I went to church at Grace I felt like I belonged at church just as I was, not pretending to be something or someone I am not . I looked around and saw people relaxed and joyful to be with one another in worship and fellowship. The folks wanted to be there and it was a sweet experience. I do not have a traditional bone in my body so it was wild to feel so at home at church. It is amazing what happens at church when you throw all of the man made rules out and just re imagine what could be. It is very exciting to think about what God has for the future.

I will greatly miss my friends at First Norfolk. Leading this group of students has been amazing. Today is a new day… let the journey begin…