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New is fun. Everyone loves a new shirt, car, cd, or laptop!  That same principle holds true with new environments inside our ministries. Every summer we intentionally stop our weekly student gathering so we have a NEW LAUNCH every fall. New brings excitement. We launched a NEW middle school and high school service for teens this fall and the NEW has brought tons of extra room to reach students and fresh energy from teens excited about their new service. Launching new environments also brings a risk factor to the table. If you want the energy of new you have to be willing to embrace the risk that comes along with it. The fun part is that our teams are fueled by the risks we take for the Kingdom of God. Part of the reason we love new is because of the risk. You are not going to be able to launch a new service every year or have new space but you can always work hard to introduce new elements into your ministry…

  • What about a NEW retreat?
  • What about a NEW setup on stage?
  • What about a NEW t-shirt design?
  • What about a NEW intro video for your service?
  • What about adding 5 NEW leaders to your volunteer team?
  • What about NEW staff?
  • What about a NEW Facebook page or website design for your ministry?
  • What about NEW signs or banners in your space?
  • What about NEW lighting on stage or in the hall?
  • What about NEW songs for your band?
  • What about a NEW way to enter your building, new traffic flow?
  • What about a NEW way of doing small groups?

Sure NEW takes effort and resources but it is needed in order to find momentum for your ministry. The Kingdom of God is always advancing and encountering new lives. Staying the same is really not an option if you want to continue to engage the hearts of teens. Look for what you can do NEW in your ministry this week.