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Ok, I admit it this is from a fan’s point of view…the new album from Coldplay was worth the wait. Bought it on presale from itunes and got the first listen today as I worked. I have loved this band since a friend of mine let me here the song Yellow off the Parachutes album. That song became my song as we went through the birth of our first daughter and I have been hooked ever since. Love this new album because they made us wait, yes I said it…they took their time and made a complete project. I am learning to hate the record industry and how they rush and push bands to put out half baked stuff that is not ready so they can simply capture momentum when a artists hits the radio (I have given up on radio, if it is not ESPN just give me my mp3 player). Ok, back off the rant, as I listened to the album I liked the how the band took risks, added a mix of new sounds, and put songs on this album continue to make you think. Love the band, love this project an can not wait to see them in Atlanta this fall.

Made it back from camp Monday. It was a great week but I am glad to be home. We found our middle school camp location and God really showed up in our lives. It was a great week and I really learned a ton about just letting God do His thing. His plan is so much better than any idea or thought we have. Looking forward to our camps in 2009, yes I started working on the flow today. As for Relevant we have one more trip, a mission trip to New Orleans with some high school students. It has been a great summer.
I have started a blog list with some ideas i want to talk about concerning leadership, the church, life following Jesus so I will get to those over the next few weeks. If you have not been there go check out out staff blog on