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Thursday night here and all is in bed and winter x games on. Tonight we got to live life with a family we love. The Henderson family added a baby boy to their all GIRL family. There is no name for the little guy bit still it is all exciting. Chelsea and I ate dinner with their other 3 girls after we saw the baby and it so reminded me how sweet it is to have friends at church when you serve on staff at that church. So many time friendship remains so formal and pastoral with the people you are surrounded by. hanging out with the Henderson family has always been about connecting and letting our guard down. It is great to have friends like that, it is great to have people in your life that you just like living life with. 2 of the 4 kids they have now are in our student ministry and it has been so incredible to see them grow spiritually. Chelsea Henderson was one of the first babysitters we used here. I have watched Marrissa strike people out playing softball. Alaina is all about playing dress up with Kozbi. Now they get a little boy to join the family. I blog just to say how sweet it is to live life with people that expect nothing but friendship and everyone needs that in life…well I am done being sentimental…later