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One of my favorite things about leading our family ministry team here at Grace Community Church is getting to connect with our small group leaders at every level. Every week, in every environment, with every age group we have leaders who invest in others as small group leaders. We believe that when we give kids, teens, and college students a small group leader we are helping them find a mentor that will walk with them through life. This past week some friends of mine launched a website called Lead Small and it is designed for the small group leader who wants to make a difference. Most of the posts on the site are actually written by small group leaders for small group leaders. These ideas have been tested and thought out in the middle of group life. So many times small group leaders feel like they are alone in the battle to connect with their group. This site is designed to help you know that you are not alone. Being an effective small group leader is hard work but in the end it is work that can change the course of a life. Go check out the site and see if this is something you could use to help train your small group team. Thanks to the team at Lead Small for investing in those of us who are trying to do big things by investing in one life at a time!