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This is going to be my view for the next few weeks. For the first time in my life we are trying to go back to back weeks at the beach. We have my family coming the first week and my wife’s family the second. The great thing is we are only missing one Sunday…yea we really like our church. Honestly I am thrilled I serve at a church where I don’t want to miss! Personally there is no place like the beach for me to refocus and refuel. My iPhone is loaded with new music and my Kindle has several books I am ready to attack. I will check over my email once a day but just to clean it out and only handle mission trip stuff, yep we have a mission trip the week we get back to New Orleans but our team is rocking it and getting stuff together. Other than 2 planned hours to work on some mission trip details I am ready to shut it down. Shutting it down for me means putting the blog on vacation also. Seriously thanks to everyone who checks this blog out. I love being a voice contributing to the family and student ministry movement. If you are out there and you serve the next generation I hope you take a week off this summer also. Even if you stay at home take the time. Rested leaders are better leaders who last for the long haul. Hope everyone has a great 2 weeks ahead and trust me, I will get some vacation video and pics up on Facebook!