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Helping volunteers know our goal is crucial. Our teams need the “win” defined consistently if they are going to be effective. One of the questions we keep asking, one goal we have for our team here is this…

What have I done to help someone have a better experience at church this week?

We have one hour a week with many people. We have one chance to connect with visiting families. We have one shot to help share the love of Christ with many kids and teens. We have to continually ask ourselves what we are doing to make that one shot better. When you evaluate Sunday (or your ministry experience for any age group) in the light of this question everything becomes significant…

  • the moment I help that new student find some friends is a significant moment
  • when we prepare well and deliver the large group talk with excellence…that matters
  • when we greet people and connect with parents after the service…that matters
  • when I help a new family find their kid’s small group…that matters
  • when check-in goes well, that matters
  • when I introduce a teen to their new small group leader, the connection matters
  • every time we help someone connect with a ministry outside our “area” is huge
  • when we help answer a guests question about the church, yep it is a big moment
  • connecting with that person I don’t know and hearing their story…that time is awesome

Every person on our staff and every volunteer can look for an opportunity to help someone else have a great Sunday. When we serve someone else that’s a win! When we take time out of what is expected of us to go the extra mile that’s a win. When we step up when no one is asking, that’s a win! What can you do to help someone have a better experience in your environment? Think about what you can do this week!