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14 But I will always have hope. I will praise you more and more.
15 My mouth will tell about your righteousness, about your salvation all day long. Even then, it is more than I can understand. Psalm 71:14-15 GWT

This summer I began to question, why do we need more worship songs? Why do we search out new artists singing new songs about this God we serve? No matter what style of music you like there is a desire for that new song, that new idea, that new melody. When we hear it we grab on to it and make that thought part of our lives. New worship music is needed and helps us to think new thoughts about a God we will never be able to contain.

From some people I hear this complaint about our consumption of worship music. It is almost like there is something wrong with the way we engage new music. It is like the enjoyment I have from a new song about God is bad! I keep coming back and questioning how desiring new ideas about God expressed through new music can be a bad thing. The real desire for new music flows from a desire within all of us that longs to connect with a God we have a hard time grasping. Art (music) helps us express how we feel about God and understand truth about God when we struggle to find ways to express it. Here are some places I have landed when it comes to music in the Christian faith…

  • When it comes to music we need to strive to create rather than copy. Regardless of style make good art that honors and amazing God. (GOOD ART, not stuff that is “safe” enough to get played on Christian radio – HA)
  • Embrace the new and the old. Can we ever say enough about the God who created the universe?
  • We learn our theology from music. Yes we need lyrics that express truth, God’s word, and solid doctrine in our music. We learn about God as we sing about God. This goes for every age group in the church.
  • Music can challenge the way we view God and view life! Controversy and be good when it makes us think. we ave to allow artists to stretch the way we view following Christ. THINK DEREK WEBB, that guys challenges the process. You do not have to agree with him but let him express his art and think?
  • Great worship music leads us to this amazing God we serve and exalts Him. Worship music should be God centered.
  • Lets give artists the freedom to create and quit being so FEARFUL that someone might say something wrong. Why ask artists to stop expressing thoughts about God and life???

So for those of you out there writing new music, keep rolling! Thanks for helping our hearts connect with this amazing God! Thanks Steve Fee, Hillsong United, Charlie Hall, Daniel Doss, Eddie Kirkland, Kristian Stanfill, Robbie Seay, Todd Fields, and so many more for stretching our view of God through your music.