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One of the greatest gifts we can give parents in a healthy and intentional small group ministry. When talking to kids that grow up to serve Christ in the church they can often look back and recognize 5 or more adults that intentionally invested in their life. Small groups set up your ministry to help kids discover mentors that can make help them navigate faith, life, and relationships. This afternoon Joy Bowen helped talk us through how to build intentional small groups in our ministries. Here are five ideas that can help take your small groups to the next level.

Small group relationships are consistent. >> kids need consistent relationships, they are in the middle of being unknown at school and someone needs to know them.

Small groups have invested leaders. >> We have to empower leaders, cast vision, and get the right leaders on the bus and in the right seats.

Small group leaders are coached >> when leaders are coached, they are cared for, encouraged, and equipped. No leader wants to do ministry alone, we all want to be on a great team.

Small group time is calculated >> What happens in or hour is just as important as having the time. We have 60 minutes, we have to maximize the time to connect, interact, worship, learn, and have fun!

Small groups find time to celebrate together. >> Fun leads to connection. Shared experiences matter!