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Everyday we pass schools on the way to work (just happens to be the GCC church office for me) packed with kids who have never heard about this Jesus we talk about in our churches every week. Those schools are packed with kids who go home to hell everyday. Those schools are packed with kids who feel like there is no hope. Those schools are packed with kids who are waiting for someone to tell them they matter. The question that Jud Wilhite asked us yesterday at the Orange Conference was this…who will be willing to get messy and go reach those kids, those families? In Mark 2 we see a group of friends desperate to get their friend who was cripple to Jesus. They were willing to get messy, break some rules, and get their friend to Jesus. What are we willing to do to see the kids in the schools we pass everyday get to Jesus? If you are willing to get messy then here are a few ideas Jud asked us to process when it comes to the ministries we lead…

When is the last time our ministries got messy. >> The church is not just an organization created to get people to come to our building, we are a organism that goes to people. We are naturally pulled away from messiness. When we reach the next generation we have to be willing to reach them in the middle of their messiness.

Do we see obstacles or opportunity >> In mark 2 people lowered a man through a roof to get to Jesus. The crowd did not stop them, the roof was an opportunity. Our excuses are never big enough to stop what God wants to do IF we look for the opportunities.

Believe the impossible for our friends. >> It’s amazing what can happen when we believe in somebody. People are looking for someone to believe in them…to not give up on them!