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This morning Jeff Manion of Ada Bible Church helped us process what life looks like in the middle. You know the middle, you have experienced the middle…Jeff calls it the “in between”. The middle is the gap between where you are and where God wants you to be in the future. We see the middle in Scripture when we read about how God moved his people from slavery in Egypt to the promise land He promised. God loved his people, delivered His people, and still allowed His people to move through the dessert. Why…because he was transforming His people from slaves trapped in a pagan society to people who followed the living God. In the desert, God’s people where in trust school…faith school…hope school…call it what you want, they were learning to choose God over their circumstances. Many next generation leaders are in the middle. We are following God’s call but we are experiencing the middle, the land between. In the middle we get confronted with one central question. Who do I trust when everything falls apart? I love what Jeff reminded me today. In the middle my faith can be transformed or my faith can die…it’s our move.