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We had an amazing day learning from Reggie Joiner and Sure Miller at the Orange Tour. I wanted to post some of the aha moments that I took down on my Mac as we listened. Check these thoughts out…

Reggie Joiner on CHANGE…

People Change when the pain associated with the status quo becomes greater than the pain associated with the change!

When you get to the place in your ministry when you are operating off your memory and not your imagination you are in trouble / Mark Batterson

If you want to build something that lasts you have to be willing to change what you build!

Sometimes we get so consumed with not causing pain to our current leaders through change that we forget about the people we will never reach if we do not change.

The best way to keep a team moving toward the mission is to frequently upgrade your systems

The churches that refuse to change are the ones threatening the mission!

Every change gives us the opportunity to decide what is core and what is cultural! Relevant – connecting something eternal to the matter at hand!

So many times we just patch old systems with new upgrades and they just do not match, we add upgrades that do not fit the old system

Sue Miller on working as a Family Ministry Team…

Working together as a family ministry team means we will love each other, learn from each other, show up for each other. PLAY WELL TOGETHER! HONOR EACH OTHER.

Our teams must combine our strengths to lead better together!

All our environments / ministries are connected and when one loses we all lose! – Reggie Joiner and Sue Miller

Change in good times; do not wait for the dip to change!

From an Interview with Jim Wideman…

Being a balanced church is not about having tons of stuff going on, it is about simplifying so we can invest in this generation!

Reggie Joiner talking about COMMUNITY is student ministry…

The older a kid gets the more important it becomes to have a consistent leader in the life of a teen.

If we do not give teens another adult who will give affirmation they will find it somewhere else they will find it outside of the church.

What you invest in is what is important to you!

The older a child becomes the more important it is for a small group leaders to stay involved consistently for the long haul.

The kind of leaders we need do not sign up by announcements; we have to make the BIG ASK then empower them to bring on other leaders!

Student ministry is a moving target, teens get to choose if they come or not. Kids come to our gathering because they know there is an adult there who cares for them!

Reggie Joiner on partnering with the family!

We define our ministry by the parents who we want to make happy inside the church that we forget all the families who want help and want to partner outside the church!

96% of parents /ALL PARENTS/ feel responsible for the moral development of their kids! The church needs to partner!

Parents want to know WHAT IS NEXT; we can help make that happen!