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There are conferences I hit alone so I can have some time to process and there are others that beg for a team to come. The Orange Conference is one of those that is a great fit for our family ministry team at Grace Community Church. Why do we go as a team? Why should you think about coming to the conference with your team? Here are a few ideas…

  1. Laughter > There is nothing like a road trip to create memories and a lot of laughing. Getting away as a team is good for the soul of the team. Hitting a conference together gives you some time to laugh together. Relationships on a team matter. We work with friends so when we are not laughing things are getting a little too tense.
  2. Dreaming together > When you get away as a team you have time to look ahead and process some big dreams. Every year God has used conferences we have hit to help our team dream bigger dreams.
  3. Immediate processing > There is nothing like immediately hitting lunch or dinner and processing a conference together as a team. Ideas take shape when the team comes together and works through what we learned.
  4. Unity > This is a unique part of Orange. The Orange Conference reminds our team every year of our common strategy. At the heart of Orange is unity and teamwork within the church.