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Registration for Orange Conference 2012 starts this week so make sure you check out the new website and some of the details that have already been released. One of my favorite parts of the Orange Conference flows out of relationships that God has blessed me with over the past four years. I have met so many amazing leaders who are investing in this generations of kids, teens, and college students. Every year I am shocked by how God blesses me with the chance to hear from so many leaders at the conference. There are many relationships that I have now that would have never happened apart from the Orange Conference. Here are 2 guys that have been a huge influence in my life the past few years and we met because of Orange. I hope you will take some time and check these guys out on their blogs and on twitter…

Chad Swanzy
I met Chad at Orange because we were both blogging about the conference and both student pastors. I needed some advice on how small groups for high school students might work and we sat down and processed what he was doing for a few hours. What I discovered about Chad is that he is always trying to rethink how we do student ministry. He asks the right question at the right time. Over the past few years his website has been a very cool gathering spot for youth ministry collaboration. Any time I have had an idea or a question Chad has been there for me. Orange helped make that happen!

Jeremy Zach
I would have never met Jeremy if Orange had not have convinced him to move to the East Coast and live in Atlanta. Jeremy has been an influential blogger processing student ministry for years. Jeremy now works at the Orange office trying to help student pastors around the country “think orange”. Jeremy is a constant encouragement to me…his blog is an encouragement…his work at Orange is an encouragement. Jeremy is trying to help student pastors move out of ministry isolation and collaborate with the church as a whole. I consider Jeremy a friend and the Orange Conference helped to make that happen.