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This week we hope you will take some time to THINK ORANGE. You know I am a sports addict but we are not trying to convert you to become a Tennessee Volunteer fan! I am hoping you will process how the the CHURCH (yellow) and the HOME (red) can partner together (orange) to make a difference in the next generation. Why this week? This week registration opens up for The Orange Conference 2011 and we think this year might top them all. So all week a bunch of us are going to be blogging about the process of leading an Orange church…an Orange ministry…and an Orange life at home! I think you are going to be blown away by the blogging team, check out who will be blogging this week.

Come on…I think the week is going to be incredible. When I have a list of links to everyone’s blog I will post them so you can fill up your google reader and start processing this with us! We hope you will join the discussion and we hope to help you process practical ways you can implement the Orange Strategy in your ministry.