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mountainWe all got problems! We all have challenges that we know are right around the corner in our ministry and many times we avoid them so we can keep getting ready for the next Sunday. Sometimes we feel that if we ignore them for long enough they will figure themselves out. The reality is that challenges never solve themselves they only get bigger and more complicated when we allow them to hang around our ministry.

If challenges only grow and get more complicated when we push them aside then we need to start confronting them systematically. Here are a few steps that will help you overcome that challenge that keeps creeping up in your ministry.

  1. Define the challenge // Step back and define what is reality. Challenges often like to make themselves look bigger than they are. Get perspective and define what is really going on!
  2. Calendar the challenge // Don’t allow any challenge to distract you from what matters most in your ministry. Calendar your approach to the problem and control the time you spend on it. You set your calendar and manage your time so don’t give the challenge permission to that in your day.
  3. Connect with people involved with the challenge // Don’t try to overcome a challenge in isolation. Gather the people involved with it and give them a voice even if they don’t have a vote with the final solution.
  4. Lead toward a solution // Overcoming that challenge will demand you step forward and lead through toward a solution. It may be hard work but it’s worth it. Push through the pain and overcome that challenge.
  5. Evaluate and make improvements // As you overcome the challenge make sure and evaluate the process and have the courage to improve things that did not turn out so well.
  6. Tackle the next challenge // Just around the corner is your next challenge. Celebrate the victory and then prepare for your next adventure.