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We just got these pictures from our photographer and this one may be my favorite. Can’t believe we caught this moment because this is our home. One thing about our family is that we laugh way too much. Chelsea did not marry me for my looks, she married me because I can make her laugh and we are best friends. One thing we learned about our marriage is that we have to keep working at it. When our marriage is at its best it’s because we are putting in the effort to pray, laugh, talk, serve each other, and listen.  I am beginning to believe that parenting is no different. At the heart of parenting is a relationship between a child and a adult God has placed in our life. I think often we link parenting to a responsibility and not a relationship. Parenting is not only a responsibility because it’s not a job it’s a calling and a privilege. God chose us to be the parents to our kids and in that he has given us the most sacred relationship we will ever have. Remember as you parent this to put in the effort needed to build a healthy relationship with your child. Work on connecting with your children just like you work on strengthening your marriage. In the circles that I run in we call that fighting for the heart. A healthy relationship with your son or daughter will take your responsibility as a parent to another level filled with joy. There is no magic formal for parenting but if you want to get better at it just put in the effort!