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This week at Grace Community we finished up our series called Modern Family as we looked at how parenting and marriage collide. You can check out that message on our website later this week if you missed it. We challenged families to fight for the heart of their children. Moms and Dads have to choose to fight for their relationship with their children and their child’s relationship with God. I hope this week you will take a few steps as you process to fight for the heart of your kids. Check out these ideas…

  • Read Parenting Beyond Your Capacity >> we feel like this is a must read book for every parent. We all want to know how to be better parents! This book will help you figure out how to not fight this battle alone. Link arms with the church and fight for the heart of your child every day. Check out this book. We have around 20 copies left at the GCC office. Email us at if you want us to reserve you a copy.
  • Check out >> one of my favorite blogs for parents. Subscribe to the blog and they will send new posts directly to your email inbox for you to process. Great parenting is no accident. listen to some voices who will help you make forward progress.
  • Check out the resources we have for parents every week at Grace Community Church >>  every week we provide families resources to help you continue the discussion from Sunday at home. Check out and to see how we are trying to set you up to have intention converstions with your children.