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Parents guideThere is always some new challenging issue parents have to deal with as their kids wander into the teenage years. The Social Media issue has been around for a while and we are all just now really beginning to feel the impact of being so connected all the time. There is no doubt that social media is shaping the way teens interact with each other and with their parents. We know the power of social media but very few families have a plan in place when it comes to helping their kids find balance in such a connected world.

What if we could help parents navigate this issue with their child? If you are a student pastor orĀ  kids pastor that invests in 4th and 5th graders I am hoping you will connect with the team at ParentMinistry.Net for their next free webinar. Adam Mclane from the Youth Cartel is going to lead us through a session on helping parents deal with social media. You are going to have parents asking you about this issue so why not jump in a FREE WEBINAR and process the issue with other leaders from around the country. There is limited space so make sure and hold you spot today!

Get informed, get the facts, get a strategy and invest in the parents your ministry influences!