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If we were all honest we would admit there are things we do in our job that we are passionate about and things we do out of responsibility. Last week was a crazy week packed full of details that I was responsible for. On Thursday I found myself tired and drained with tasks that had to be done. I finally got to a place where I was able to spend a few hours working on a project I was passionate about. It was amazing. I immediately felt a sense of joy as I was able to focus on what I was most passionate about. It was in the moment that I was reminded of an important principle for any leader. Handling the tasks I am responsible for opens opportunity for me to do what I am passionate about. None of us will ever have a job where we spend 100% of the time doing what we love doing. Some of us waste time dreaming of a time where we will be free from responsibility (tasks we do not enjoy) and thriving in passion. The truth is that we can’t separate the two. Executing my responsibilities leads to freedom to pursue my passion. Passion and responsibility are linked and you need to balance both in order to be an effective leader. Make sure you are blocking time in your day, week, and month to focus on what you are passionate about and manage what you are responsible for!