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Love the opportunity to talk, teach, think, and dream about ministry and the local church with other leaders. It is a big reason why I like blogging. There were just a few guys in youth ministry when I started this journey sharing their ideas and life. To share ideas now I do not have to write a book or get a chance to lead a conference session. I get to think out loud here on the blog. I know, Bayne thinking might be dangerous! Why not give life and ministry lessons away? Why not take time to invest in others on their journey? Here on the blog I get to give away some of the lessons our team is learning here at GCC. If you want to invest in others in 2009 you just have to be willing to make it a priority. This week I get to sit down with a local organization to help them think through using social networking to connect with their clients. I got to spend some time on the phone talking with a church leader in Georgia about some branding ideas for a new service his church is launching. Get to partner with a local youth pastor this summer to help with a summer camp he is running for his student ministry. These are all things just require TIME. You can not wait for someone to give you permission to influence others, you just have to choose to make it a priority. If you want to invest in other leaders you have to make some time in your calendar to go for it. Pay it forward and start now.