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This past weekend I went with my family to Sky Top Orchard in South Carolina and we picked apples. Sky Top was amazing. We got a few baskets and went out into the orchard and started looking for apples. We are late in the season so the closest trees had been picked clean so we had to walk to the trees at the back of the orchard. When we found the trees we figured out that we had to be careful of what apples we picked. There were tons of apples all over the ground that had fallen and were rotting. (My dog liked those!) On every tree there were apples that were not ready to be picked because they had bad spots on them or they were just not ripe. There we also perfect apples that have now turned into a few perfect apple pies. It took more patience to look for the right apples to pick but that really is what determines what the final result will be when we  use them at home.

Picking the right leaders for your ministry setting is no different. Picking the right leaders takes patience, discernment, and faith. Rushing the process means we choose people who simply do not fit. If you want to improve your ministry setting then work harder at picking the right volunteers who will become your leaders! The right people will make ministry happen not a new room, new band, lights, or event. Make sure you are bringing the right people on board.