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It’s March. Summer is coming fast. Easter in on the horizon. You are extremely busy. I know it seems crazy but now is the time to take some time and start making some plans for fall. So many times the rush of now can push us to ignore our next big season of ministry. Now is the time to look around and see what is working and what’s not. You have had plenty of time to see the results of your plans from last fall now you have to slow down and evaluate. Blocking off the time to evaluate means you take the data and feedback and try to figure out what thrived and what didn’t. Planning without evaluation just leads us to the “next big thing” mindset. We need to work harder a being better at what we do rather than chasing after things that are constantly new.  Plan now because…

  1. Planning now allows us to actually spend time in prayer seeking God for wisdom. 
  2. Planning now allows us to get outside feedback. 
  3. Planning now makes sure we are in sync with other ministries.
  4. Planning now enables us to actually block time in our calendar to work on what is most important for the fall.

Planning now just makes sense but very few leaders slow down in the spring long enough to do it. Summer comes and we make rushed decisions about direction for fall. Take a day, slow down, get some planning done.