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This week take time to talk to a few teens or adults connected with your church about how they pray. Every time I have had the chance to talk with a teen about prayer I soon hear what a struggle it is to form the habit of taking time to pray. Not sure why it is so hard for all of us. Could be sin, could be busyness, could be that we do not trust God, or it could be that we have never really given it a shot. This Wednesday night several student ministries in Clarskville are gathering at an event called PRAY08 to help kids experience prayer. The entire night is built the idea of creating a sacred space where teens, leader, and parents can connect with God in prayer. If you are in the area we start at 6:30 at Hilldale Baptst Church ( Will this work? We have no idea! We just know that God impressed on our hearts to go in a new direction as we help teens wrap their lives around the practice of prayer. But there is more….

As we leave from the PRAY08 gathering we are challenging teens, leaders, and parents to experiment with prayer for 30 days. What happens when for 30 days straight people talk to God? We know prayer is powerful but our hope is for teens and parents to figure this out as they experience it for themselves! Again, will it work? We have no idea, but a bunch of us in Clarksville are going to try. No church or ministry gets to take credit for any of this. Prayer is God’s idea and we just want to help teens go there. Different people will be blogging each day about prayer at and we hope this little guidance will help people have a direction for their prayer journey that day. Go to the web site or join the prayer experiment group on facebook. It is going to be an amazing 30 days!