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This weekend around 700 people from Grace Community and other churches will spend their time energy and talent serving Clarksville. Yea we will be serving meals, giving away water, painting, cleaning, helping kids with special needs, repairing, and building stuff. As we go out and serve we go with one goal. Our hope is to share the love of Christ with our city. We can not solve all of the problems our city faces but we can serve those around us and share Jesus with those we live with. We love our city, we love we get to serve here in our city, and we pray God is the THE GOD of our city. I am typing this the night before and some teams have already started. I know God is going to use this day. I am already so thankful and OP SERVE Saturday is not even here. Thanks to our leadership team who made this happen. Operation Serve is led by an incredible team of servants, good job to all of you. If you are leading a church, business, school, children’s or student ministry figure out a way to serve those around you.

PRAY 08 was an incredible experience. We gathered to pray and launch the web site and prayer challenge. It was so wild to see all of our churches united as one and it was great to work with leaders from other churches. Thanks to everyone who worked to make it happen, GREAT JOB! We have had a tremendous response to our 30 day challenge to test prayer in our lives. It is so incredible to be on this journey with hundreds of leaders, parents and teens from all over Clarksville. We know praery can change us. Our hearts desire in all of this is that we will grasp the need for daily time with God. So far so good. Hope to share some stories later in the year.

Sorry so slim this week on the blog, with Op serve and Pray 08 our family has been swamped! looking forward to serving this weekend and watching my Vols and Titans thanks to DVR. It is so great that I do not have to worry about missing a game. FREEDOM… TV has no control on me! YES! DVR is a miracle! Hope everyone out there has a great weekend!