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It has been an amazing 3 days here at Orange 2010. I know some folks on my Facebook account will be glad when I stop talking about the conference. Well…sorry I won’t stop talking about reaching this generation, it is just who I am and why I blog, tweet, FB at all. I had the honor of meeting some amazing leaders this week being a part of the Orange Leader Blog Team for the conference. These are blogs you need to check out if you are investing in the next generation. Thanks for tracking with me through the conference here on my blog and I hope you will check out these other leaders across the country. Check out their perspective…that is what a blog is…its a web journal and a perspective. Check these blogs out…

Matt McKee:
Amy Dolan:
John Saddington:
Kenny Conley:
Jonathan Cliff:
Sam Luce:
Gina McClain:
Kelly Dolan:
Dan Scott:
Michael Bayne: (oops that is mine)
Chad Swanzy:
Rick Smith:
Henry Zonio:

Continue dreaming, thinking, rethinking, and processing with us online. Don’t stop fighting for the family…SERVING the family…loving kids/teens…and pointing people to Jesus, our hope, our savior! Thanks Rethink for an amazing week at Orange 2010.