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You made it. It’s Monday and you survived Easter 2013. I know it’s wild and busy but for me it’s one of my favorite weekends of the year. I love seeing the crowded services. I love seeing parents dress kids dress up. I love watching families come to celebrate Easter together. I love that for one weekend the entire focus on the church is on Jesus and only Jesus.

I also know that today as you look back you are going to want to process every details of the weekend. I actually think it’s a good to evaluate how everything went. In the middle of processing what went well and what did not work so well make sure you take time to slow down and celebrate. No matter what happened yesterday you had the chance to share the gospel with families. Every person that entered your services got to hear the foundational message of our faith. Our Savior is alive!

Go ahead and process, evaluate, and make notes for next year but please don’t forget to celebrate and tell God thanks for all that he did!