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This past weekend our team here at GCC made a QUICK CHANGE decision! We changed the time of our family experience to 1:30…I know it doesn’t seem like a big deal but it really was. Cross Street Live has been a Sunday night production for us since we started the hosting a family production at GCC over a year ago. After last month one of our staff had the idea to move CSL to the afternoon after our last service. We looked at the idea, liked the idea, prayed about the idea, and in one month made the idea reality. We were not sure if it would work but it was worth trying if our goal is to engage as many families as possible! The morning after our experiment it looks like the QUICK CHANGE paid off. The ability to implement QUICK CHANGE is so important for any organization. What does it take to implement quick change or innovation…

  • Be open to new ideas >> Can we do that? The answer is always yes! Should we do that is a totally different question, but the ability to bring new ideas to the table without fear has to be allowed if an organization will be able to implement positive change.
  • Test the idea >> get advice from other people on your team…how does one change help or hurt other parts of the team. If a change idea can’t be embraced by your current team just save it for later. It may just not be the right time. Feedback is critical if change will be able to happen at a rapid pace.
  • Plan >> before you make a quick change in your organization you better have a plan. Do the pieces fit? Can your key leaders buy in? Does the change have the possibility to help push the organization forward? Can you pull it off? All of these questions flow out of proper planning.
  • Communicate the change >> use every means possible to let people know about the change. Social media, newsletters, websites, blogs, texts, emails, and whatever else works for your organization. If we are implementing quick change it is our job to go crazy with clear communication. As soon as you think you have said it too many times say it ten more times.
  • JUMP >> take the risk and make the change. You will never know if it works unless you try. Have courage and make the jump.
  • Evaluate >> this is big…did the change work? Take the time needed to really see if the change helps or hurts. Get feedback, process it, and see what needs to be adjusted. More change may be needed!

The moment we quit changing, innovating, evaluating is the moment we start declining. When we have it all figured out we open ourselves to be blindsided by stagnation. Don’t wait to mix things up…start making QUICK CHANGES now!