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Yesterday I had the chance to speak at Grace Community and we talked about how when we encounter the Bible we should be driven to action. The Bible is living. The Bible is given to us to shape our lives and reveal the heart of the God we serve. We know we need it but it’s very difficult to find a rhythm with the Bible in our everyday life. Anything worth having or doing ever comes easily. It takes work to integrate the Bible into our life and then live what we read out. You can watch what I said about the Bible here but I wanted to give a few ideas for anyone who was at GCC Sunday and wondering how they could get started engaging the Bible. Here are a few ideas that really help me stay on track and YES just like you I need help staying on track when it comes to taking time to read the Bible.

  • Just do it >> at some point you have to drop the excuses and just go for it! Make sure you start and start today. You need the Bible in your life so just start today.
  • Have a plan >> plans really help everyone. Use You Version on your computer or smart phone to find a reading schedule. Read a chapter a day. Head to a book store and buy a devotional. Find a plan to help guide your time.
  • Schedule time to read >> this is basic but make sure and plan when you will read. You have a calendar so book the time. It’s that important.
  • Take away one big idea each day >> look for that one idea everyday. Pray and ask God to give you a big idea every day when you read and then look for ways to live it out.
  • Drop the guilt >> you will miss days so please drop the guilt and pick it back up.
  • Question, explore, and think >> you will encounter things that you don’t understand. Keep questioning and learning. It’s OK to THINK!
  • Drop the agenda >> keep and open mind when reading the Bible and let God speak to you. Don’t read to find answers to your problems, read to find God in the middle of your mess.
  • Memorize when you find the jewel of truth >> when you find that verse that just stands out go ahead and try to memorize it!