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It has been a great summer, getting here to GCC has been amazing, but I am ready for little down time! It has been wild to watch us work through our first summer at Rossview High as our gathering location, getting to know our staff, and launching our student ministry at Grace but my brain needs some time to slow down. Chelsea and I are getting stuff ready for vacation next week…the week before vacation is kind of weird in that you work hard to get ready to be gone so you can shut down! HA kind of funny to work hard to be gone but it is so a must in my life. Really it is a must in all our lives. We were made to take time to rest, to take moments to turn it all off, to discover that we can step back and life will move forward without us. I am stoked – I am sure I will get to blog some while away just to get some of my vacation thoughts in writing so I do not loose them or at least can look back on them later, BLOGS are great for that.

We had our second week of REMIX and the teen actually came back! Thanks to all of you who have prayed for this adventure. It has been fun to watch God work. We are getting ready to launch our life{groups} at REMIX which is our student version of community groups. I can not wait for our team of adults to begin to invest in these kids. God is gonna use it in a huge way. Teens simply need to know God and be known by others and we get to help in that! I am kind of living a dream being able to luanch one of things from the ground up, it is fun and scary at the same time but Chelsea and I stoked to get a shot at it.