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Another great day on vacation…yes you know you are having a great day when the only big plans for the day is to go out for dinner! Yes, dinner was good, we ate at Sears landing…wow it was great and they had diet sundrop. Today the kids played at the beach again and Kozbi even wet out into the deep part with me and Chelsea. She was stoked to “practice swimming” and to jump waves with her mom and dad. Kelyn likes to eat sand, sand does not effect her, she just eats it. Not sure what is up with that but she seems ok. Took a nap with kelyn today as I feel asleep to some new music rom Shane and Shane and Robbie Seay Band! 2 GREAT ALBUMS. It is so amazing to get to hear new stuff from 2 of my favs on vacation. I both them both on itunes this morning and have been blown away. Both bands took several years to put this work out and it paid off. It is great to see creative spirits that honor God in their music. These are 2 bands that i support because they chart their own course and set tends, there is just too much copy cat stuff out there that hits the radio, this is original. Go out and buy both cds, or download it, GET IT!