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One of my greatest assets in ministry is a wife who has a passion for the ministry I lead. Yes, Chelsea is amazing! My wife is a lifegroup leader for us in relevant student ministry and leads a great group of high school girls each week at REMIX. Tonight she has a few of them coming over to hang out. Yes I get to take care of Kozbi and Kelyn then go hide so they can have fun and watch movies that do not interest me at all. This weekend another leader (Becky Edwards!) is having a bunch of girls over and in September two middle school group leaders (Jeremy and Nate) did a laser tag event. Here is the point. RELATIONSHIPS MATTER more than my weekly talk or what songs the band leads at REMIX. If relationships are going to become the focus of our ministry then it is so important to empower my youth volunteers to become investors and not just task people. If you are a student pastor you will never be able to connect with all your kids. I promise if you surround yourself with 10 other leaders who care and invest into teens the ministry you lead will thrive. Why? Because teens need to be known and cared for if they are going to begin to live out what God wants for them. Teens need relationships that matter in their life. They need to see what following Christ looks like. They need to be mentored. When we free up our volunteers to become youth ministers with us we can do this. Thanks to all our lifegroup leaders for going the extra mile. Thanks for investing into the students you lead!