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We have had Christmas, New Years, bowl games, and lots of snow but tonight RELEVANT student ministry kicks back into full speed ahead mode with THE MIX (our middle school service) and REMIX (our high school service) kicking off. As we start the new year we could not be more excited to start the write.rewrite series. We all have huge expectations for 2011. We have goals, hopes, dreams that we have embraced and I think we underestimate the influence we have in making those ideas a reality. God invites us into a story He has created and at the same time welcomes us to live this out with Him. Will the story of our lives be one that is worth repeating. We will we have a story that matters. Will we live out stories of significance or just fit into the mass of humanity around us going through the motions. Going to be a great adventure the next three weeks.

If you are wondering, our student ministry partners with the team at XP3 Students…go check out how we collaborate with XP3 and how you can too. Great environments are no accident, great environments have teams that make it happen every week. XP3 is on our team! Check them out!!