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It is Easter week here at the GCC office…yep it’s Easter week where you serve too. One thing I know for sure is we are all feeling stressed out. Last night at our student environment I could barely enjoy the night because my mind was thinking about everything our team has to accomplish before Sunday. We all feel the pressure to make this Sunday perfect because we know we have a chance to impact so many families. We get to encounter tons of visitors. We connect with people we haven’t seen in a while. We have a chance to share the message of Christ. All of this combines to fuel a pretty stressful weekend if we let it go there. Maybe we just need to be reminded to HAVE FUN. All of the factors that lead to us stressing out can also lead us to work hard, trust God, and enjoy watching God move this weekend. Will everything go perfect this weekend…NOPE. Will we be able to cross off everything on our to-do list…MAYBE. Will God be lifted high…people hear about the love of Christ…lives be changed for eternity…ABSOLUTELY. Maybe we just need to remember to slow down and enjoy the moment. Thanks so much to every leader out there who reads this blog and is going the extra mile to make Sunday amazing. Go for it and have fun this weekend at the same time!