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All week I ave been meaning to post and time has just got away. Today got to hit the golf ball and then we took the girls to Dunbar Cave to take some pictures. We need to get some 5 and 2 year old pictures in the book with these outfits before they outgrew them. The pictures turned out great and some of them are up on facebook. Kozbi is loving school and I got to go to my first open house last night. Loved the teacher and school. God has really blessed us with a great school for our kids to go to. The cookies in the cafeteria were great too.

Week 2 of REMIX was so incredible. We had more teens there than we have ever had and we were able to launch our lifegroups this week. We really think small group is where it is at. Our format each week is a gathering time that leads into small groups that we call lifegroups. Teen connect with an adult who will invest in their lives. It is not enough for a bunch of tens just to have a youth pastor they know from a distance. Teens need an adult living life one on one with them. Our lifegroup leaders become youth ministers to our teens. Tonight we got a call from one of our group leaders. Their girls called her asking for prayer, WEEK 1 of group. WOW, they called their lifegroup leader! That is what it is about. I have always wanted this to happen. You know, where our volunteers move into the role of ministers. It is so great to get to watch it happen. Oh yea, we started a new series called IF ONLY ( you can read about it at ) that deals with regret. We started the service out with our band covering When You Were Young by the Killers. They knocked it out of the park!

Watched the Titan 3rd preseason game. We are making progress. I am so ready for the season to start for the Vol and Titans. It is going to be a fun year. My first LIVE fantasy draft goes down on Saturday. It is gong to be fun. I have the #7 pick and we will see what is there. This league is my family league. it was the first place I ever tried this fantasy football thing. Do not worry, I do not take it too serious, just for fun for sure!