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yes, it is true! After much praying, eating, sleeping, bible reading, meeting, paint balling, swimming, jumping, and dvr…ing (if that is a word) we have decided to move REMIX our weekly gathering for students to Wednesday nights starting August 13. We are really excited about what this change is going to bring. We really feel like students are connecting and serving each Sunday morning at Grace and that we need a midweek time to build community and take time to focus on rethinking what it means to follow Jesus Christ. So here we go, spread the word and then go on facebook and myspace and look at our latest media release from to promo the move. yes this video will win an award, we are not sure what award but it will win an award. Well, I leave for vacation this week so look for posts from the beach at I know I will have some good stories!

In other news, looks like I got one person fired up because I posted some comments from a pastor I really respect . Yes you guessed it, his name is Perry Noble so for some interesting reading go check out the little discussion a few of us had this week on my last post. For those of you out there leading in a church it will be a very interesting discussion! Just so it is clear, I hate Internet fights, whatever you want to call it when people comment and rant on specific people. Some people like to call it slander. My mom used to say, if you can not say something good about someone, say nothing at all. When it comes to blogging it is a good rule to have. This space we have should be used to encourage and dream together. It is cool to vent about and issue but please leave the names of people and locations of their church out of it. If you have a gripe about an organization, contact the leaders there and give feedback. I love where I serve because I get to create and innovate in a church and actually do something for the kingdom of God instead of typing words about it. If you are out there and God is giving you a vision for the local church then pray to ave the courage to gather some folks together and create that environment. For all that read this, feel free to hold me accountable if I do more griping rather than building up.