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It feel slike forever since I poste on this thing, it has been a great week. WE LAUNCHED REMIX our student gathering here at GCC and WOW, God blew us away. We spend last week getting the room set up, video installed, sound up, pratice, set up clean up, all that kind of stuff! On Friday the last of the video stuff was done and we still did not know if it would all work. After running it all in practcie and trying to find aplace to hook our light system up we came to Sunday night and simply hoped it would all work…we prayed, we spread the word, we prayed some more, we gave away t-shirts and our students invited folks and we had 90 students and 50 adults show up on Sunday night for the launch! I am still in shock, God really did a great thing. It was one of the most amazing moments of my life. For years I have dreamed about launching a student ministry from the ground up with the resouces needed to do it and God is making it happen. It is so amazing to see God bring the pieces together…I am so thakful for Duke Boles who leads this thing with me as my worship leader and guess what, KATRINA WATTS is our remix director! it is so good to be working with her again. Chelsea was such a huge support last week, I felt like I was away all week and my mind was in one place that is for sure, I dreamed every night about REMIX stuff last week.

I think I have said this but go check our to see our web site…our podcasst will be up this week from Sunday night! YES we are podcasters! We hope it helps parent sknow what we are talking about so they can talkw ith their kids about spiritual issues and life!