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If you lead a ministry then you face challenge on a regular basis. There are always problems to work on and things to improve. There are also times when you feel like you are losing momentum and maybe even moving backwards. That’s a terrible feeling that we have all experienced at some point in our leadership journey. I had the chance to hear Phil Fulmer (former coach at the University of Tennessee) speak last year and he talked about how he responded to losing. Coach Fulmer said that when the team lost he wanted to be the first person back in the office to map out the plan for the next week, to address what caused the loss, and to mentally work through the loss so he could be ready to lead the team in a new direction. In ministry our losses look different but we can learn from the idea of being the first one “back in the office.” Our volunteers know when we are not making progress and they need direction from us when momentum is lagging. When we are losing momentum our team needs…

  • Extra time // when your team is losing momentum you need extra time to work, to pray, to process, to plan. Times of struggle are not the time to hide and run from the issues. Make sure your clear your calendar so you can focus on what matters most during this season.
  • Forward thinking // lost momentum can drag us into focusing on the past…what you need now are ideas that will shape the future not recreate the past. If momentum is to be gained then we have look ahead…what is next.
  • Clear communication // our role as team is leader to help define reality. In times of struggle make sure you are communicating clearly and frequently with your team.
  • Change // usually lost momentum indicates changes need to be made. Have the courage to change what needs to be changed for the health of the team and organization. When our “wins” are clearly defined then our methods are flexible. Change inspires growth.