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Sunday afternoon my oldest daughter and I were hanging out watching a movie when we heard a crash come from the garage. We have our priorities straight so we finished the movie together and then went to see what fell. A huge shelf, holding all kinds of stuff had came unlatched and fell on all our bikes. It was a huge mess that I had to clean up the mess. It took some time to figure out a plan but after cleaning up the disaster I found a way to anchor the shelves in the concrete blocks in our garage. In my frustration I wanted to take the whole thing out and throw it away but instead I made a few adjustments that saved the shelf for a few more years. When we have problems come up with anything we get frustrated and want to get a new car, house, TV, or phone. Problems slow us down and get in our way but rather than constantly try to “start over” we have to get used to making adjustments and moving forward. When leading a ministry the sames things happen. Volunteer problems, parent issues, lack of funding, or out of control small groups seem to pop up at the most inconvenient times. Never allow problems to cloud the goal of your mission and vision. When you face problems this fall confront them, evaluate, make adjustments, and move forward. Never let problems that come up keep you from serving the people God has called you to serve.