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How do you know if an event has been successful? We have been trying to answer that question over the past few years and we are beginning to understand what our measuring stick is in order to determine if a retreat or event is a success. Yes, we measure and track attendance. We evaluate what happens on stage. We listen to feedback from teens, volunteers, and parents. All those things are great but we now determine success from the perspective of small group. 

  • Did our event help small groups grow spiritually? 
  • Did our retreat help small group leaders connect with teens? 
  • Did our event help small group leaders lead teens toward a relationship with Christ?
  • Did our event help small groups have real conversations about the Bible, Christ, about life?
  • Did our retreat set up small group leaders for stronger community in our weekly environment?

Retreats help teens get out of the normal flow of their life so they can see Christ more clearly. Small group leaders are right there to help teens process what they are experiencing. When a event or retreat helps build community then it’s a success! We really believe that strong teaching an worship linked with small group leads to lasting, genuine life change. When we help our small groups connect during a retreat then everyone wins.