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Our team gathers a few times a year to do short one or two day staff retreats. This time we are in Nashville but usually we just get out of our office and into a local retreat center, hotel, church, or business to think as a team. How and if you meet, plan, dream together with your team says so much about the health of the organization or team you lead. If you are going to unite behind a vision you have to meet. If you are going have a plan and implement it then you have to slow down and meet. If you are going to work well together then you have to take time and meet. Retreats and staff meetings (our family ministry team and GCC staff meet every other week just so ya know) bring teams together and help us learn how to serve each other as we lead. We have to come to a place where we enjoy slowing down and spending time with our team. I know, many of you reading this gripe about “meetings” like it is an Olympic sport. I know they can take time from your schedule and lead to frustration when you hear other people talk BUT we have to learn to serve with the people on our team or go find a new team. It does not matter if the staff you lead is all volunteer or paid, ministry is about working, serving, and living life with other people. Retreats and staff meetings help us to get on the same page and they help us learn how to live life together. If you lead a retreat or scheduled staff meeting make sure it is scheduled properly (not too much not too little), honesty is valued, laughter is regular, and new ideas are allowed. If you constantly dread the time you spend with your team…please have the courage to find a new team. Thanks to the GCC team for making working together so amazing! So there ya go, my thoughts on meetings and retreats. I AM OUT!