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Watching Band of Brothers, the epic tale of a group of soldiers in World War II, always messes me up. I have seen the entire series several times and every time I watch it I am more and more amazed at the sacrifice those men and women gave to confront evil in Europe and in Asia. On Monday we will celebrate Memorial Day with our families and so many of us will move through the entire day without remembering the price that has been paid for our freedom. For over 200 years men and women have made the ultimate sacrifice to confront injustice and stand in the gap for our nation in war. These men and women gave their life because they were asked to serve and protect our freedom and the freedoms of people all over our globe. When I think about it all I can do is say thank you. I also find myself wanting to make sure my life is spent fully on things that are significant. We have freedom to dream, think, speak, write, and create here in our country yet so many of us never spend our lives on anything of significance. Thinking about Memorial Day makes me want to leverage every day I have so my days here on this earth will matter. I want to make sure my life is invested in my family, my church, my city. I hope I have invested in the one thing on this planet that is eternal, PEOPLE. I want to make sure I am sacrificing right along side those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. One day we will face death like those we honor on Memorial Day, will we be able to know our life was spent on things that matter?