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When it comes to communicating, speaking, preaching in student environments I think we all need to take a step back to work on becoming better. We can all improve. We can all be more clear. All of us can find better ways to connect with the hearts of teens rather than trying to impress them. Last week at Bigstuf camp and our leader training with Reggie Joiner he reminded us that we need to say less so we can say what is most important more often. The words coming our out mouth week to week are shaping the view of God many teens have. The words we say when we speak matter and if you have the chance to communicate on a regular basis then you have a responsibility to get BETTER. I believe that communication is a craft that has to be worked on, honed, and practiced. You can get better. Go read Communicating for Change. Dedicate time for message prep. Talk through your message with another trusted leader. Practice your talk before you give it. Here are some ideas that those of us trying to think ORANGE are trying to implement…

  • Be relevant. Our job is to take the timeless truth of God and help it connect to a 15 year old heart.
  • What has moved us in the past may or may not move the generation to come.
  • How you say what you say is as important as what you say! // change your words, change your world
  • Say one thing at a time.
  • Create memorable experiences. 
  • Don’t resolve tension too fast.
  • Allow space and time to process. / this is why we do small group following our talks
  • Cultivate better communicators. / find other communicators and give them opportunity in your ministry. Also strive to be better yourself! Keep working at it.